Shannon Lim, Founder and Managing Director, started OnHand Agrarian, out of a desire to make seafood cheaper and more sustainable with back-to-basics science, without disrupting the marine ecosystem. While analysing market trends as a financial planner, he predicted a shortage of fertilisers. From there, he was determined to find a way of farming without fertilisers. He designed OnHand's unique Integrated Multi-Trophic Recirculating Aquaculture System (IMTRAS) which recycles waste from one organism as food for another. 



As OnHand's resident kelong-man, Marcus goes out to sea to trap fish and harvest mussels, and then delivers fresh seafood to our subscribers all over the country. In his free time, he scavenges for scraps of land to grow vegetables on and conceptualises floating mangrove structures. He is also mother to three ungrateful ducks. Before starting at OnHand, Marcus spent close to half a year working on organic farms across Japan.



Aleithia is the Farm Manager in charge of the Dempsey, Shaw Tower and Punggol farm sites. As an Arts and Humanities major from Yale-NUS College, she has always enjoyed researching, writing and photographing human interaction with the "natural" environment. She believes that growing your own food and being in closer contact with nature is the first step to addressing many of the world's social and environmental ills.